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International conference Traveling the Worlds

International conference "Traveling the Worlds. Child Psychotherapy during the War"

Dear colleagues,

We invite you to take part in the international conference of 

the Professional Association of Child Analytical Psychologists (PAChAP)

jointly with the National university “Kyiv-Mohyla academy”

and the "Words Help" public association.

"Traveling the Worlds. Child Psychotherapy during the War"

 November 12-13, 2022



🍀Presentations by Ukrainian and international specialists working with children: analysts, child psychotherapists, and specialists in the field of psychosocial support in emergency situations.


Alexander Gershanov (Israel)
Allan Guggenbuhl (Switzerland)
Asta Adler (Lithuania)
Gilbert Kliman (USA)
Eva Pattis-Zoja (Italy)
Valentyna Kozhushko (Ukraine/Pokrovsk/Poltava)
Vlad Kunets (Ukraine/Italy)
Viktoria Antonova (Ukraine/Pokrovsk/Poltava)
Evheniya Demyanova (Ukraine/Severodonetsk/Irpin`, Bucha)
Iryna Zhadik (Ukraine/Girs`ke/Bucha)
Iryna Nikonova (Ukraine, Kyiv)
Lyudmyla Romanenko (Ukraine/Hirs`ke/Irpin`, Bucha)
Maria Morya (Ukraine/Kyiv)
Nadiya Bahurynska (Ukraine/Berehovo)
Natalia Opryshko (Ukraine/Shastia/Bucha/Irpin`)
Oksana Zaleska (Ukraine/Kyiv)
Oksana Savytska (Ukraine/Italy)
Olha Fedorets (Ukraine/Dnipro)
Tetyana Maltseva (Ukraine/Sumy)
Yulia Hrushetska (Ukraine/Kyiv/Ivano-Frankivsk)
Yulia Larina (Ukraine/Kyiv/Berehovo)




🍀Round tables, discussion groups and small group discussions.

Round Table 1: "Large and small journeys". Experience of (non)evacuation.

The round table is focused on the topic of displacement and adaptation to the changes in life. A space to discuss work with evacuated children being under temporary protection of other countries.
Round Table speakers: 

  • Viktoria Solovyova (Ukraine)
  • Maria Morya (Ukraine)

Round Table 1 moderator - Viktoria Solovyova


Round Table 2: "Coverage of children's cases of psychotherapy and psychosocial support in the media and on social media. Ethical challenges, problem areas, and looking for balance".

The expert discussion format Round Table on the topic of ethical principles of client content communication in the media and on social media.
Round Table experts:

  • Viktoria Horbunova (mental health specialist, psychotherapist)
  • Vira Chernobrovkina (NaUKMA expert)
  • Darya Kasyanova (Chair of the Board of the Ukrainian Network for Children's Rights)
  • Eva Pattis-Zoja (CIPA expert, IAAP)
  • Iryna Slavinska (Executive Producer of Radio Kultura)
  • Kateryna Holzberg (PACAP President)
  • Larysa Denysenko (lawyer, writer)
  • Oksana Zaleska (NaUKMA Center expert)
  • Oksana Moroz (media expert, author of books and educational courses on information hygiene)
  • Tetyana Aslanyan (CF Voices of Children expert)
  • Tetyana Troschynska (Editor-in-Chief of Hromadske Radio)
  • Yulia Larina (PACAP expert)

Round Table 2 moderator - Kateryna Holzberg


🍀Presentations of clinical cases and trials.

Presentation of methods and practical tools to work with children in the war situation: "serial drawing""mythodrama", "expressive sandwork", "safe space", individual and group forms of work, crisis interventions, experience of applying the book "My Book About War and Terror" in Ukraine, etc.